Runaway Toyotas: The Real Issues Behind the Scandal.

In modern engine management the accelerator no longer has a mechanical connection to the throttle butterfly, or injector pump slide in diesels. The reason is fuel economy.

In a standard mechanical control, the accelerator sets the air flow and fuel flow follows. With the accelerator sending a signal to the engine management control via a sending unit, the engine management is in control of fuel and air independently.

This system came to Europe first in the nineties. They had runaway cars and especially heavy goods vehicles and IEC 61508 standard came about. The testing and compliance are rigorous and the engine has to die if a problem is detected with the system and the vehicle can not be restarted.

Now in 2004 Toyota withdrew models from Europe, the Camry being first. They claimed it was due to poor sales, but on my frequent visits I saw lots of them. I’m now convinced Toyota removed the vehicles from Europe because they could not meet IEC 61508.

The dealers have been urging Toyota to bring back the Camry but they have refused.

Ford are going through this process in Europe now and this is what is involved.

I think the press have done a sloppy job on this story so far.  I now find that this issue has been suppressed since 2001!

As a Toyota Camry owner, I think Toyota have a huge problem. I think Toyota and other manufacturers should be made to show their systems can meet IEC 61508. I personally don’t think another Toyota involved in this should move off the lot until they can!

This just posted.

This is how Toyota treat their engineers.

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