Obama Administration incompetent over handling of spill

The Obama administration has showed total incompetence over this oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

That have ratcheted up rhetoric and getting knee deep in lawyers, before attending to the job at hand.

From the beginning BP should have been allowed to focus all their energy on the leak.  The administration seem to have no clue what 450 atmospheres at the end of a 26 inch pipe means.  Admittedly the pressure of the ocean is 150 atmospheres, but that still leaves 300 atmospheres at the end of the pipe.

They have no clue as to the cooling effect of rapidly expanding methane and the vital need to exclude water from the collection process.

If they had done their home work, they would have known that no deep water well leak has been shut down without a relief well.

Instead of using the formidable organizational resources  of the American military to carry out clean up at sea and on shore, they have allowed federal agencies and departments to run amok.  Just look at the red tape that has got in the way of building the berms to keep the oil out of the marshes.

Instead of continually grandstanding and bashing BP, President Obama should have been bulldozing the Federal bureaucrats out of the way, and streamlining the federal response.

He is now risking US British relations with his rhetoric.  The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has been highly critical of the presidents response.

The Administration’s hysterical rhetoric is likely to drive BP to bankruptcy, which will leave affected business owners and employees in the gulf region sucking air.  If that happens it will largely be President Obama’s fault.

BP and its survival is very important to the UK economy.  For one reason one in seven BP retirement pounds is invested in BP.  An awful lot of US funds are also invested in BP.

Here is a another article encouraging BP leaving its American corporation behind.

David Cameron the new PM of the UK, seems on track to be as daft as President Obama.

What is required now is a supreme concentration on curtailing and mitigating this disaster, inquiries, hearings and lawyers can wait.

The trans Atlantic spat seems to be hotting up and Obama is getting a bad press in the UK.  This daily Telegraph editorial is on target.  However the reader comments from both sides of the Atlantic give the best insights into this developing rift.

Obama needs to be called out on his personal agenda.

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