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Three way speaker using Peerless SLS 830668 Woofer, Audax HM130C0 mid and Vifa 27TG-35-06 Tweeter

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Here is a cost effective three way speaker.  It uses the paper coned Peerless SLS 830668 woofer, the Audax carbon fiber HM130C0 as the mid range and the soft dome Vifa 27TG-35-06 Tweeter.

This makes a very decent three way speaker with an F3 of 26 Hz.

Here is the optimal box for that woofer.

Note that driver and vents will displace about .2 cu. ft.

Here is the sealed mid range cavity.

The driver displaces about 0.01 cu. ft.

Here is the crossover.

These second order APC (Linkwitz Riley) slopes, which produce composite slopes that are pretty much third order.  The cross over points are 350 Hz and 3 kHz.  This allows for the band pass to be 3 octaves, encompassing most of the speech discrimination band.  Minimum impedance is five ohms.  There is optimal diffraction compensation.  There is a slight peak centered at 650 Hz from the mid range driver of 3 db which has not been notched.

I would feel inclined to build the speaker with a narrow top and broad base.  It will not matter if the band pass enclosure is over sized.  I would put the tweeter at the top, with the band pass driver below, and the a board below that to make the top of the speaker enclosure the tweeter/band pass enclosure, and have the bass enclosure below that.  Quarter round should be placed as trim all round the edge of the front panel.  It should be an attractive good performing speaker.